Blue Motes 5500
Wild Cores 725
  • AD 64
  • AP 0
  • Health 670
  • Mana 345
  • Armor 45
  • MR 38
  • AS 0.8
  • Ability Haste 0%
  • Critical Chance 0%
  • Critical Damage 200%
  • HP Regen 11
  • Mana Regen 15
  • Armor Pen 0
  • Magic Pen 0
  • Armor Pen % 0%
  • Magic Pen % 0%
  • Phys Vamp 0%
  • Magic Vamp 0%
  • MS 345
  • Tenacity 0%
  • Demon Shade

    Demon Shade


    Enter Demon Shade after not attacking or casting for 4 seconds. Taking damage from enemy champions or turrets puts Demon Shade on a 1.5 seconds cooldown.
    In Demon Shade, Evelynn regenerates Health every second when she is below a certain amount of Health. After level 5, Demon Shade grants her Camouflage.

  • Hate Spike

    Hate Spike

    4s 30

    Unleashes two lines of spikes, dealing magic damage each to all enemies struck. Can re-cast within 4 seconds.

    Deals 35% damage to minions.

  • Allure


    14s 70

    Curses target champion or monster for 5 seconds. Evelynn's next attack or ability will expunge the Curse and slow them.

    If the Curse lasts at least 2.5 seconds, expunging it charms the target for 1.25s. If the target is a champion, shreds their Magic Resist. If the target is a monster, deals additional magic damage.

    Casting Allure does not remove Evelynn from Demon Shade.

  • Whiplash


    8s 45

    Whips a target with Lashers, applying on-hit effects and dealing magic damage plus % of their max Health. Then, gain Movement Speed for 2 seconds.

    Entering Demon Shade enhances the next cast to pull Evelynn to ther target, dealing increased magic plus % of their max Health to all enemies in the way.

  • Last Caress

    Last Caress

    100s 100

    Evelynn briefly goes untargetable and decimates the area in front of her before warping backwards a long distance. Deals magic damage, increased to 230% to enemies below 35% Health.

Recommend Builds
Infinity Orb Rabadon's Deathcap Stasis Enchant Lich Bane Morellonomicon Void Staff
Conqueror Hunter - Vampirism Hunter - Titan Pathfinder
Smite Flash