Lee Sin

Blue Motes 5500
Wild Cores 725
  • AD 64
  • AP 0
  • Health 650
  • Mana 200
  • Armor 35
  • MR 38
  • AS 0.8
  • Ability Haste 0%
  • Critical Chance 0%
  • Critical Damage 200%
  • HP Regen 9
  • Mana Regen 0
  • Armor Pen 0
  • Magic Pen 0
  • Armor Pen % 0%
  • Magic Pen % 0%
  • Phys Vamp 0%
  • Magic Vamp 0%
  • MS 345
  • Tenacity 0%
  • Flurry



    Gains Attack Speed for his next 2 attacks within 3 seconds. The first attack restores 20 energy and the second restores half of that amount.

  • Sonic Wave

    Sonic Wave

    10s 50

    Sonic Wave: Fires an energy wave that deals physical damage to enemies and reveals them. Hitting an enemy allows Resonating Strike to be cast within 3 seconds.

    Resonating Strike: Dash to enemy marked by Sonic Wave, dealing physical damage based on its missing Health.

  • Safeguard


    15s 50

    Safeguard: Dashes to target location. If an enemy is nearby on arrival, Lee Sin shields himself for 2 seconds. Allows Iron Will to be cast within 3 seconds.

    Safeguard's cooldown is reduced with each attack.

    Iron Will: Empowers next attack to deal an additional magic damage and gain physical and magic vamp.

  • Tempest


    10s 50

    Tempest: Deals magic damage to nearby enemies and reveals them. Hitting an enemy allows Cripple to be cast within 3 seconds.

    Cripple: Slows enemies hit by Temppest by 30% decaying over the course of 4 seconds.

  • Dragon's Rage

    Dragon's Rage


    Kicks an enemy champion, dealing physical damage and knocking it away.

    Deals physical damage plus % of the kicked champion's bonus Health to enemies hit by the kicked champion and knocks them up for 1 seconds.

Recommend Builds
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