Blue Motes 5500
Wild Cores 725
  • AD 64
  • AP 0
  • Health 650
  • Mana 390
  • Armor 40
  • MR 38
  • AS 0.8
  • Ability Haste 0%
  • Critical Chance 0%
  • Critical Damage 200%
  • HP Regen 9
  • Mana Regen 9
  • Armor Pen 0
  • Magic Pen 0
  • Armor Pen % 0%
  • Magic Pen % 0%
  • Phys Vamp 0%
  • Magic Vamp 0%
  • MS 345
  • Tenacity 0%
  • Mortal Will

    Mortal Will


    After 5 attacks or abilities Pantheon's next basic ability is enhanced.

  • Comet Spear

    Comet Spear

    9s 40

    Tap Cast: Stabs forward, dealing physical damage. Refunds 50% of Comet Spear's cooldown.

    Charge Cast: Hurls the spear, dealing the same damage to the first enemy hit and 50% less to subsequent targets.

    Enemies below 35% Health are critically hit instead.

    Mortal Will: Deals an additional physical damage and slows for a few seconds.

    Damage to minions reduced.

  • Shield Vault

    Shield Vault

    12s 55

    Dash to an enemy, stunning for a few seconds and dealing physical damage.

    Mortal Will: Follows up with an attack that strikes 3 times, dealing physical damage.

  • Aegis Assault

    Aegis Assault

    22s 80

    Block all incoming damage from a direction for a few seconds and deal physical damage to nearby enemies. At the end slam forward and deal physical damage.

    Mortal Will: Block for longer than basic duration and deal more physical damage over the duration instead.

    Pantheon is slowed by up to 50% when moving away from the blocking direction. Recast to end early. Damage to minions is reduced by 50%.

  • Grand Starfall

    Grand Starfall

    120s 100

    Passive: Gains 10% Armor Penetration.

    Active: Gather strength to leap high into the air. Throws a spear from above which in a small area deals physical damage (Comet Spear damage) and slows by 50% for 2 seconds.

    Then crashes down at the target area. Deals magic damage to enemies in a line.

    Grand Starfall instantly readies Mortal Will.

    Damage is decreased by up to 50% at the edges of the landing area.

Recommend Builds
Black Cleaver Youmuu's Ghostblade Glorious Enchant Death's Dance Guardian Angel Sterak's Gage
Conqueror Hunter - Vampirism Hunter - Titan Pathfinder
Ignite Flash