Blue Motes 5500
Wild Cores 725
  • AD 70
  • AP 0
  • Health 650
  • Mana 0
  • Armor 45
  • MR 38
  • AS 0.8
  • Ability Haste 0%
  • Critical Chance 0%
  • Critical Damage 200%
  • HP Regen 9
  • Mana Regen 0
  • Armor Pen 0
  • Magic Pen 0
  • Armor Pen % 0%
  • Magic Pen % 0%
  • Phys Vamp 0%
  • Magic Vamp 0%
  • MS 345
  • Tenacity 0%
  • Unseen Predator

    Unseen Predator


    If Rengar is in brush or camouflaged, he will leap to the target with his next attack. If Rengar has no Ferocity he gains 1 Ferocity.

    Bonetooth Necklace: Gains Attack Damage for each unique champion takedown.

    Gains 1 Ferocity upon casting a basic ability.
    Reaching 4 Ferocity enhances his next basic ability, allowing it to be cast separately from the base version.
    All Ferocity is lost upon leaving combat.

  • Savagery



    Rengar's next 2 attacks within 3 seonds gain Attack Speed. The first attack is empowered to deal an additional physical damage.

    Ferocity: Gains more Attack Speed for 5 seconds instead. The first attack deals an additional physical damage instead.

  • Battle Roar

    Battle Roar


    Rengar roars, dealing magic damage and healing for 50% of damage taken in the last 2 seconds.

    Ferocity: Deals magic damage instead. Rengar also gain Movement Speed for 2.5 seconds and removes all crowd control effect from himself.

  • Bola Strike

    Bola Strike


    Throws a bola that deals physical damage and slow by 45% for 1.75 seconds.

    Ferocity: Deals physical damage more and roots instead.

  • Thrill of the Hunt

    Thrill of the Hunt


    Gains 30% Movement Speed and reveals the nearest enemy champion for 12 seconds. Rengar becomes camouflaged after 1 seconds and his next attack the target's armor by 16 for 4 seconds.

Recommend Builds
Black Cleaver Duskblade of Draktharr Protobelt Enchant Youmuu's Ghostblade Mortal Reminder Guardian Angel
Electrocute Brutal Hunter - Titan Hunter - Genius
Smite Flash