Blue Motes 5500
Wild Cores 725
  • AD 58
  • AP 0
  • Health 610
  • Mana 0
  • Armor 40
  • MR 38
  • AS 0.8
  • Ability Haste 0%
  • Critical Chance 0%
  • Critical Damage 200%
  • HP Regen 9
  • Mana Regen 0
  • Armor Pen 0
  • Magic Pen 0
  • Armor Pen % 0%
  • Magic Pen % 0%
  • Phys Vamp 0%
  • Magic Vamp 0%
  • MS 340
  • Tenacity 0%
  • Fury of the Dragonborn

    Fury of the Dragonborn


    Deals 20% more damage to Elemental Drakes and Elder Dragons. Killing a Drake or Dragon permanently empowers Shyvana's abilities while in Dragon From.

  • Twin Bite

    Twin Bite


    Empowers Shyvana's next attack to strike twice, dealing physical damage respectively. Attacks reduce the Cooldown of Twin Bite by 0.5 seconds.

    Dragon Form: Strikes in a larger area and applies on-hits to all enemies.

    Slaying Mountain Drake grants Weight of the Mountain, causing Twin Bite to slow enemies hit by 40% while in Dragon Form.

  • Burnout



    Deals magic damage per second to nearby enemies and hastes Shyvana by 30%, decaying over 3 seconds. Attacking extends the duration of Burnout by 4 seconds.

    Dragon Form: Expands the flames, dealing damage in a larger area.

    Slaying Cloud Drake grants Wings of the Cloud, causing Burnout to haste Shyvana by an additional 25% while in Dragon Form.

  • Flame Breath

    Flame Breath


    Launches a fireball that deals magic damage to enemies hit and Scorches them for 5 seconds. Shyvana's attacks on Scorched enemies deal bonus magic damage equal to % of their max health.

    Dragon Form: The fireball explodes on impact, dealing magic damage in an area and leaving a fire for 4 seconds that deals magic damage and Scorches enemies within it.

    Slaying Infernal Drake grants Breath of the Infernal, converting the damage dealt to Scorched enemies to True Damage while in Dragon Form.

  • Dragon's Descent

    Dragon's Descent

    1s 100

    Passive: Generate 1 Fury per second and 2 Fury per attack. At 100 Fury Shyvana can cast Dragon's Descent. Shyvana remains in Dragon form until she has consumed all of the Fury.

    Active: Transform into a Dragon, gaining Health and flying to a target location. Enemies along Shyvana's path take magic damage and are knocked towards her landing point.

    Slaying Ocean Drake grants Life of the Ocean, adding more Health while in Dragon Form.

Recommend Builds
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Conqueror Brutal Hunter - Titan Hunter - Genius
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